Do I need to register my child before or at birth?

No you do not. You can register your child the year before you would like him/her to enter. We will put the name on a waiting list and will process the form.

What kind of discipline is used for the children?

In Arbor, we have a Time Out system. Time Outs can take different forms - in the classroom and outside of the classroom. If a child is on his third time out of the day, he is sent to the school office. If it is a serious incident, a letter is written to the parent, explaining what happened and how it was dealt with that day. If it is an ongoing issue, the Advisor, Class teacher and parents meet to come up with a plan to correct the behaviour.

Do you provide meals or snacks for the children?

The school does not provide meals for the students. We have a Tuck Shop at school where items can be purchased. Parents at the Pre-K level can order food for children Monday to Thursday going directly through Tuck Shop. “Fantastic Friday” pre-orders can be sent in through class teachers for food and snacks. Children from Kindergarten to Prep 2, can purchase food on their own any day of the week. Please note that we are a nut free school, so peanut butter, Nutella or snacks with nuts are not allowed.

What time does school start and finish?

School starts at 8 am for everyone - including the Pre-Kindergartens.
School ends for the Pre-Ks at 12.15 pm
School ends for the rest of Arbor at 1.30 pm
Rosewood Girls end at 2 pm and 2.30 pm

It is difficult for us to pick up at midday. Is there an After Care facilities?

We offer After Care services for all Arbor children at an additional cost. Pre-K rates are $40/hr. or a monthly rate of $1500 from 12:30– 3:00 pm Kindergarten, Prep 1 and Prep 2 rates are $40/hr. or a monthly rate of $1000 from 1:30 - 3:00pm

What Extra-Curricular activities do you offer?

At the Pre-K level we do not offer extra-curricular. This starts from Kindergarten and up. The activities vary from year to year. This year we offer Gymnastics, Piano, Guitar, Flamenco, Lego Club and Book Club. The costs vary depending on the activity.

Are there any other costs other than fees that we should know about?

Yes, just like all schools, there are things that will come up throughout the term. The following are a few things to consider: PTA fees, Workbooks, Tuck Shop Fridays, Field trips

Can a child leaving your school transition easily to the local schools?

We do not prepare our children for local school or SEA. Although the children all learn the same things, our approach is different. With that being said, of the children who have left, many have transitioned well into the local schools.

Is there a curriculum for a 2/3 year old?

At the Pre-K level, our knowledgeable teachers have used their training, past experience as well as the Guide to the Foundation Stages of the National Curriculum of the UK, to formulate a dynamic introduction to the Cambridge programme. This is further enhanced at the Kindergarten level.

How are the children graded?

At Arbor, we do not give “tests” until the students are leaving Prep 2. At this level, the children do the Cambridge benchmark assessment which is corrected by the Arbor teachers. This is not an international exam but a review of all they have learnt throughout the year. There are no formal assessments in the lower levels, however, the teachers do check ups after each math topic in Prep 1 & 2, as well as spelling assessments.

Do you cater for children with special needs?

We do not have a special needs department in our school, so we cannot meet the needs of all students. We must always weigh each case and the child’s ability to cope with the demands of our Cambridge curriculum. We do, however, have an ‘Assisted Learning Programme’, for children who need extra help to keep up with the program.

My child is very smart. Can he be placed in a higher class?

This will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Although, this is not usually advisable for the child's overall development, the teacher will observe and evaluate the child during the course of his/her time in class. It is based on the ‘whole child’ which includes all aspects of himself, social, emotional and intellectual. A smart child must also have the maturity and confidence to handle the level of independence expected at the higher class.

Will the curriculum challenge my child?

Yes, it will. The Cambridge programme is dynamic and thought provoking, preparing students for life. With every curriculum developed for an education system, there is an expected range of abilities in each class. Our teachers have knowledge of this and do challenge the children within their own individual capacity.

Can my child keep his security blanket or pacifier with him during school?

Children are not allowed to have pacifiers with them in class, however a blanket or stuffed toy we understand may help them settle. They may come to school with it for the first couple weeks but the teacher will help limit usage during the course of the day.

Does my child have to attend school every day or can I bring him 3 days a week?

We encourage everyday attendance as continuity is important in their settling. The children learn a lot throughout the day and not being present affects their learning important skills that will carry them up to the next level.

Will I be allowed to speak to the teacher anytime throughout the day?

No. Please make arrangements to meet with a teacher at a time that is convenient to you both. If it is urgent, call the office and we will ensure that she gets the message and returns your call.

My child has missed the cut off date by one month. Will he still be allowed to start?

We only accept children once they have turned 2. If by the time he/she has turned 2 and there is space in the class, we will accept him. However, he will have to stay an extra year in Pre-K 1 as he will be too young to move up.

Can my child start school if he isn't potty trained?

At Pre-K1, where your child is just 2 years old, they are not required to be potty trained. Most of the Pre-K 2 children (3 year olds) are already potty trained, however, we will accept a child if he/she is not fully potty trained once the parents are working on it at home as well.

My child does not yet talk much. Will the Spanish programme hinder his speech or development?

The class environment is intrinsically English; academically, socially, it therefore encourages natural speech development of the English Language.

At what age would my child transition into Rosewood or Trimont College?

Boys transition into Trimont and girls transition into Rosewood, at the end of the Prep 2 level, at the age of 7.

Is there an assessment to transition into Rosewood and Trimont College?

Yes. There is an internal assessment which is corrected by the Arbor Teachers. This evaluation is done at the end of the Prep 2 level, to determine if he/she is ready for Jr. 3 in Trimont and Rosewood respectively.

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