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The PTA team have lots of exciting activities planned to raise funds to continue to assist with the improvement of the facilities and educational aspect of the school….but WE NEED YOUR HELP!
Some of the areas you can help with are:

o Tuck Shop Committee – Preparing and purchasing items for tuck shop
o Tuck Shop Sales - Volunteering time on a Friday (1 or more) to assist in selling
o Bakers/Caterers – to assist with tuck shop/school events
o Photography – Assisting at school functions/events
o Videography – Assisting at school functions/events
o Audio/Sound systems – Assisting at school functions/events
o Lighting – Assisting at school functions/events
o Graphic Design – Creation of artwork as it relates to school functions/events
o Sourcing sponsorship
o Volunteering time and assistance at functions
o Arranging discounts / services at organizations where you work
o Lending tables / equipment for use at functions
o Assisting with transport of items
o Assisting with craft projects such as Carnival props and Christmas concert props
o My time is very flexible so I can be called on if last minute help is needed
o Helping Hands – willing to assist in various areas when needed


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